DCP Volume Management Appliance

Format – Copy – Validate

  • Industry Standard Implementation
  • Format and Partition Storage Devices
  • Duplicate DCP Volumes
  • Validate DCP Volumes
  • Smart Updating (Only Copy Changes)
  • Remote Control from Any Web Browser

CineCert’s Lihue is a DCP volume management appliance for motion picture distributors, theaters and service providers. With Lihue, users can inspect, modify, copy and analyze DCP volumes in full compliance with industry standards. The basic configuration contains two CRU-115 drive bays and multiple high speed USB ports in a low-profile desktop case.

The user interacts with Lihue via an intuitive browser based UI. The Lihue architecture can scale to hundreds of disks, providing a turn-key solution for virtually any workload.

The Lihue DCP Volume Management Appliance is a mature, enterprise-class DCP duplication and testing solution. Based on the highly regarded Wailua code base, Lihue provides the reliability and accuracy expected by CineCert’s customers. Detailed, personal support is provided by our knowledgable technical staff.


Using a single system, users can take raw, unformatted hard disks through all steps necessary to create a robust, industry standard distribution volume. Users can partition new disks, re-partition existing inventory, track SMART status, create filesystems, test and repair filesystems, analyze DCP contents and duplicate contents.

Lihue is Comprehensive


Unlike platter-based duplication systems widely used today, Lihue copies only the bytes you want. Lihue’s DCP-aware implementation allows a copy target to request only those disk files that are not already present on the target device. So, not only will a fresh disk receive all of the files expected, but a partial disk will receive just the changes, resulting in a substantial improvement in efficiency for common operations such as adding trailers to an existing feature volume.


Lihue Chassis

Drives not included

Although the basic Lihue configuration supports only two CRU-115 device receivers, CineCert’s consultants can design and commission systems with virtually any required capacity. If your requirements include tens or hundreds of simultaneous operations, please contact us to arrange a quote for a customized system.

Easy Access

Lihue is controlled by a standard web browser, so it’s easy to configure remote administration and monitoring.