asdcp-wrap man page


asdcp-wrap — Wrap AS-DCP MXF files


asdcp-wrap [-h|-help]

asdcp-wrap [-3] [-a <uuid>] [-b <buffer-size>] [-C <UL>] [-d <duration>] [-e | -E] [-f <start-frame>] [-j <key-id-string>]
[-k <key-string>] [-l <label>] [-L] [-M] [-p <frame-rate>] [-s <num>][-v] [-W] [-z | -Z] <input file> + <output-file>


asdcp-wrap creates an AS-DCP track file from DCDM essence. It accepts arguments to encrypt the essence in the resulting track file, and has options to specify the starting frame of DCDM essence from which to encode, the frame rate, duration, and to enable or disable HMAC calculations. A variety of security and content related options exist and are detailed below.


- Create a stereoscopic image file. Expects two directories of JP2K codestreams (directories must have an equal number of frames; the left eye is first)

-A <UL>
- Set DataEssenceCoding UL value in an Aux Data file
-C <UL>
- Set ChannelAssignment UL value in a PCM file
-h | -help
- Show help
- Show version information
- Encrypt MPEG or JP2K headers (default)
- Do not encrypt MPEG or JP2K headers
-j <key-id-str>
- Write key ID instead of creating a random value
-k <key-string>
- Use key for ciphertext operations
- Do not create HMAC values when writing
-m <expr>
- Write MCA labels using <expr>. Example:
     Note: The symbol ‘-’ may be used for an unlabeled
     channel, but not within a soundfield.
-a <UUID>
- Specify the Asset ID of the file
-b <buffer-size>
- Specify size in bytes of picture frame buffer Defaults to 4,194,304 (4MB)
-d <duration>
- Number of frames to process, default all
-f <start-frame>
- Starting frame number, default 0
-l <label>
- Use given channel format label when writing MXF sound
     files. SMPTE 429-2 labels: ’5.1′, ’6.1′, ’7.1′,
     ’7.1DS’, ‘WTF’
     Default is no label (valid for Interop only).
- Write SMPTE UL values instead of MXF Interop
-P <UL>
- Set PictureEssenceCoding UL value in a JP2K file
-p <rate>
- fps of picture when wrapping PCM or JP2K:
     Use one of [23|24|25|30|48|50|60], 24 is default
- Insert a Dolby Atmos synchronization channel when wrapping PCM. This implies a -L option
     (SMPTE ULs) and will overide -C and -l options with Configuration 4 Channel Assigment and
     no format label respectively. The Dolby Atmos synchronization track will be put on channel
     14. If fewer than 14 channels of audio are being wrapped, channels will be padded with
     silence, as needed, to channel 13 and then generates channel 14. If 14 channels or greater
     are being wrapped, it displaces each channel +1, from 14 onward, and then generates channel 14.
- Verbose, prints informative messages to stderr
- When writing 377-4 MCA labels, use the WTF Channel
assignment label instead of the standard MCA label
- Read input file only, do not write output file
- Fail if j2c inputs have unequal parameters (default)
- Ignore unequal parameters in j2c inputs