asdcp-util man page


asdcp-util — Utility for AS-DCP MXF files


asdcp-util [-h|-help]

asdcp-util -d <input-file>

asdcp-util -g | -u

asdcp-util -u


asdcp-util creates or extracts data from an AS-DCP track file.
asdcp-util can also retrieve metadata information from an AS-DCP track file, as well as information regarding MXF+Interop MPEG essence contained in an AS-DCP track file
Depending on the mode in which asdcp-util is invoked, options exist for a variety of security and content related settings.
The options are described below.
Not all options are available in all modes.
Option availability is described in the command synopses above.

Major Modes

The functionality of asdcp-util is separated into major modes. These modes are exclusive to each other; only one major mode may be used at a time. At least one major mode must be used.

- Calculate message digest of input file

- Generates a random 16 byte value. This string is printed to the standard output.

-h, -help
- Prints a brief help screen with the command usage.

- UUID Generator mode. This mode generates a random UUID and prints it to the standard output.

- Prints the version information of asdcp-util