asdcp-unwrap man page


asdcp-unwrap — unwrap AS-DCP MXF files


asdcp-unwrap [-h|-help] [-V]
asdcp-unwrap [-G] [-v] <input-file>

asdcp-unwrap [ -1 | -2 ] [-3] [-b <buffer-size>] [-d <duration>] [-f <starting-frame>] [-m] [-p <frame-rate>] [-R] [-s <size] [-v] [-W]
[-w] <input-file> [<file-prefix>]


asdcp-unwrap asdcp-unwrap extracts data from an AS-DCP track file. asdcp-unwrap can also unwrap metadata information from a wrapped AS-DCP track file, as well as information regarding MXF+Interop MPEG essence contained in an AS-DCP track file The options are described below.


- Split Wave essence to mono WAV files during extract. Default is multichannel WAV

- Split Wave essence to stereo WAV files during extract. Default is multichannel WAV

- Force stereoscopic interpretation of a JP2K file.

-b <buffer-size>
- Specify size in bytes of picture frame buffer. Defaults to 4,194,304 (4MB)

-d <duration>
- Specify the duration, in frames, of an AS-DCP encode or extraction process. If -d is not used then the intrinsic duration of the input-file(s) is used (all frames). The duration is relative to the starting frame.

-f <start-frame>
- Specify the frame from which to start creating or extracting the AS-DCP track file. If this option is not used, the default starting-frame of 0 is used.

- Perform GOP start lookup test on MXF+Interop MPEG file

-h | --help
- Prints a brief help screen with the command usage.

- Read and verify HMAC values when reading AS-DCP track files. The default behavior is to NOT verify HMAC values when reading AS-DCP track files.

-p <rate>
- Specify the frame rate of the resulting AS-DCP track file. Valid frame rates are 23, 24, 25, 30, 48, 50 and 60 frames per second. The default frame rate is 24 frames per second (fps).

-s <size>
- This option dumps the number of specified bytes to the standard error stream (stderr). Dumped bytes are displayed as Hexadecimal. This option requires the -v option.

- Prints the version information of asdcp-unwrap

- Prints informative messages to the standard error stream (stderr).

- This option prevents specified output files from being written. Specified input files are read in and processed as per the options specified on the command line.

-w <width>
- Width of numeric element in a series of frame file names (default 6).

- This option causes a wrap operation to fail if the JPEG2000 input files have unequal parameters. This is the default.

- This option causes the program to ignore unequal parameters in Jpeg2000 input files.