asdcp-info man page


asdcp-info — Queries AS-DCP MXF files


asdcp-info [-h|-help] [-V]

asdcp-info [-3] [-H ] [-n ] <input-file>


asdcp-info displays information data from an AS-DCP track file.
asdcp-info can also retrieve metadata information from an AS-DCP track file, as well as information regarding MXF+Interop MPEG essence contained in an AS-DCP track file


-3 - Force stereoscopic interpretation of a JP2K file

-C- Do not show essence coding UL

-d- Show essence descriptor info

-h | -help
- Prints a brief help screen with the command usage.

-H - Causes the MXF Header data to be displayed.

-i - Show identity info

-n - Display the frame index of the MXF file. Also displays the frame type if the input file contains
MXF+Interop MPEG essence.

-R - Do not show bit-rate (mb/s)

-V - Prints the version information of asdcp-info

-v - Prints informative messages to the standard error stream (stderr).