Our software and services comply with applicable standards and specifications set forth by the SMPTE, DCI, and other organizations. These standards promote an open architecture for digital cinema and ensure a uniform and high level of technical performance, reliability and quality control.

Many of the industry leaders in D-Cinema mastering and distribution use our products.



DCP Volume Management Appliance

CineCert’s Lihue is a DCP volume management appliance for motion picture distributors, theaters and service providers.


D-Cinema Key Management Server

CineCert’s Waimea Key Management System is a secure hardware device for the creation of encryption keys and Key Delivery Messages (KDMs), and for the management of libraries of digital identity certificates.



D-Cinema Mastering UI

CineCert’s MaUI D-Cinema Mastering UI is a full-featured DCP mastering solution that provides advanced mastering capabilities with a convenient web-accessible user experience.

MaUI supports multiple users and incorporates extensive background task management to simplify job scheduling and make the most of available computing resources. MaUI is available for installation on the customer’s hardware or cloud services.

MaUI is backed by CineCert’s legendary Wailua D-Cinema Mastering System, providing the broadest available compatibility with the world’s installed base of cinema playback systems.

MaUI supports both the legacy JPEG Interop DCP format and the full suite of SMPTE ST 429 standards. Wailua validation is incorporated into the creation process of every package and composition, providing auditable assurance of output quality.


The MaUI workflow includes extensive support for structured naming of files and title information. Configurable options allow the operator to customize the values available for name assembly, including language codes, encoding properties, version numbers, and more.

Customers can tailor the system to support naming that conforms to local practice, which simplifies training and project management in high volume operations.


  • Wrap JPEG 2000 pictures, PCM sound, and SMPTE ST 428-7 or TI CineCanvas™ timed text into the MXF file format, in either Interop or SMPTE formats
  • Ingest foreign DCP and KDM files to support versioning and re-packaging
  • Create compositions from scratch or by modifying an existing CPL
  • Save composition editing sessions for later recall
  • Create custom packages containing selected compositions and track files
  • Create KDMs for players and key distribution systems


Encryption services are fully supported by an integrated keystore service, and support is provide for integration with a CineCert Waimea keystore appliance.

Pakanu Integration

The MaUI workflow is also available through CineCert’s Pakanu environment, where asset management automation is combined with MaUI to provide automatic wrapping, validation, version propagation and other advanced capabilities.

As the core of a CoMMA-enabled production system, Pakanu supports direct application of MaUI capabilities in cooperation with other CoMMA-compliant editorial and QC workstation products.

MaUI screenshots


Asset Mgmt & Manufacturing

CineCert’s Pakanu Asset Management & Manufacturing system provides the tools to facilitate access to assets, view embedded metadata and interdependencies and and efficiently process those assets according your business and operational needs.


KDM Fulfillment Workflow

CineCert’s Hanalei KDM Fulfillment Workflow manages Digital Cinema facility screen devices, controls KDM generation and delivers KDMs to facilities.


IMF/DCP Processing Node

CineCert’s Anini is a highly reliable and flexible HTTP accessible task management solution for centralized IMF/DCP mastering and content preparation.


D-Cinema Packaging Tools

CineCert’s Wailua D-Cinema Mastering System is a package of software tools that allow the user to manipulate and test digital cinema files as part of a d-cinema packaging or distribution workflow.