KDM Fulfillment Workflow

Facility info management ■ KDM Distribution

  • Distribute KDMs to facilities automatically
  • Manage facility, screen and device information
  • Associate support content with DKDMs to include as distribution attachments.
  • Web-based user interface
  • RESTful API for integration and data collection
  • Customizable behavior using Python extension points for key generation and distribution
  • Generate KDMs using industry recognized Waimea† Key Generation system

CineCert’s Hanalei KDM Fulfillment Workflow manages Digital Cinema facility screen devices, controls KDM generation and delivers KDMs to facilities.

The system provides a web-based GUI for direct user interaction from multiple platforms and a RESTful API for programmatic integration and data collection.

Facility Service UI

Facility Management

Information about theater facilities and equipment is collected and maintained by Hanalei. Facility details can be entered manually or imported from any FLMx compliant service provider. (FLMx is an industry-standard protocol for exchange of theater information, based on SMPTE ST 430-7.) Local modifications may be applied to imported facility information, and Hanalei provides indicators that support resolution of differences between local and imported facility details. Hanalei also supports FLMx publishing, allowing you to share your curated facility collection with your partners.

DKDM/Content Management

Hanalei provides a convenient visual interface to organize large sets of DKDMs can associate other content that can then be processed as attachments for distribution. Hanalei includes a content management module and a lightweight keystore. Hanalei can be configured to work with one or more Waimea keystore devices for additional security.
The keystore controls access to DKDMs and ensures that KDMs cannot be generated outside the validity window of the source DKDM. KDM target certificates are validated throughout the workflow by testing against trusted signer chains.


KDM Generation and Distribution

Selected DKDMs form a Distribution and are associated with facilities by KDM Orders which specify the desired validity period and targeted screens. Facilities can be selected individually or by search criteria. Once facilities are selected and options have been specified, the entire Distribution (or just a subset of Orders) can be dispatched for KDM generation and delivery. Hanalei will detect changes in facility detail for all active Orders and provide support for re-generation of Orders.

† Requires Enterprise Edition