IMF/DCP Processing Node

Compress • Wrap • Automate

  • Complete automation of IMF and DCP mastering features
  • Includes Wailua and Ki'i Python APIs
  • RESTful control system using JSON or XML
  • Intelligent scheduler makes efficient use of resources
  • Runs on your Linux or OSX hardware
  • Supports Third-Party hardware acceleration via GPU or FPGA

CineCert’s Anini is a highly reliable and flexible HTTP accessible task management solution for centralized IMF/DCP mastering and content preparation. Post-production and mastering users can deploy Anini to automate mastering processes, and cloud-based service providers can offer Anini-based DCP and IMF mastering capabilities to their customers.

Service-Oriented Architecture frameworks are setting new standards for efficiency, and Anini allows CineCert’s customers to extend that efficiency into DCP and IMF mastering and packaging operations.  Anini’s deep customization capability provides the flexibility necessary to quickly address specific workflow needs to maintain the competitive advantage.


A diagram demonstrating that Anini can use a workflow organizer, or watch folder, to integrate with an existing SAN workflow.Anini operates on files via local and remote filesystems.  A typical deployment uses a central Storage Area Network to hold project files which are created and manipulated by various authoring platforms including Anini.  Anini is typically controlled by a workflow orchestrator or watch folder monitor.  Anini capabilities can be scaled by adding additional units to the same SAN.

REST Control Interface

Diagram of Anini's RESTful workflow, HTTP clients can send tasks, which Anini can process and return a callback function to an HTTP server.Remote processes can control and monitor Anini tasks and system resources via the built-in HTTP server. Anini commands use JSON or XML document types to allow convenient interface with popular control environments. Anini tasks can also be configured to perform callback actions upon completion or failure, allowing controllers to be notified of system events without polling.

The Anini Task Viewer and GUIAlso included is a GUI component that uses the REST API to present a graphical view of Anini’s current status and provide task control options such as run/stop and priority elevation. This interface is available from Anini’s HTTP server, allowing convenient monitoring from any browser-equipped client.

Comprehensive Processing Capabilities

Anini includes the Wailua and Ki’I Python extensions, which provide complete reference-standard implementations for DCP and IMF mastering, from uncompressed images through encrypted package.
Ki’i combines image accessors for TIFF, DPX, Cineon and OpenEXR file formats, the academy CTL image processor, JPEG 2000 compression, and dozens of convenience features in a comprehensive API for motion picture image mastering.

The Wailua module allows users to create, consume and analyze the many components of the IMF and DCP standards, including AS-DCP Track Files and AS-02 Essence Component files, subtitle files, composition playlists, packing lists, asset maps, key delivery messages, IMB security logs, RSA key pairs, X.509 certificates, and much more.

Rich Python environment for mastering

Anini is delivered with a complete set of DCP and IMF package mastering scripts for image transformation, compression, wrapping, composition, packaging, testing, and more. Anini’s Python environment allows customers to define virtually any process, using features from the vast global library of free and commercial Python extensions and customers’ proprietary extensions.