NEW Hanalei KDM Distribution Management system launches at IBC

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CineCert launches Hanalei at IBC

New mobile and desktop management solution for the Digital Cinema distribution chain

CineCert, LLC, a Burbank-based Digital Cinema technology firm, has just released its Hanalei KDM Distribution Management system, a new product designed for Digital Cinema mastering facilities, network operators and motion picture distributors.

Hanalei is a KDM Generation and Distribution manager that features an easy to use web-based interface optimized for mobile devices.  Hanalei is designed to generate secure KDMs, distribute KDMs to facilities and manage facility, screen locations, bookings and device information. Once a booking is prepared, KDMs can be generated with a single click.  Hanalei is built on the mature, enterprise class Waimea D-Cinema Key Management server, which stores DKDMs and device certificates used for KDM generation.

“Hanalei is by far the most advanced KDM fulfillment tool on the market, employing automated facility detail collection, automated KDM processing and delivery, client access through portals, and much more” explains John Hurst, CineCert co-founder and CTO. “In addition to providing turn-key KDM fulfillment for mid-sized operations, Hanalei also provides enterprise-class REST extensibility for higher volume users.”

John will also be speaking at IBC’s EDCF Global Update Session on September 13th, 2015.

Hanalei, is the latest addition to CineCert’s flagship products, which include the Waimea D-Cinema Key Management server, the Wailua D-Cinema Mastering System and the Lihue DCP Volume Management Appliance.

CineCert, LLC is a technology development and consulting company, founded in 2005, specializing in Digital Cinema and other computing applications for the entertainment industry. CineCert provides software solutions and consulting services to clients whose workflow depends on precise implementation of D-Cinema technology. CineCert’s software and services comply with applicable standards and specifications set forth by the SMPTE, DCI, and other organizations. CineCert also offers DCI Compliance Testing, OEM services, integration, custom software development and standards development.

To meet with John at IBC or for or more information and to schedule a demo, please contact or call 818 563 1455.