CineCert’s DCP/IMF Mastering solutions, Wailua and Anini, certified for Dolby Atmos®


CineCert’s DCP/IMF Mastering solutions, Wailua and Anini, certified for Dolby Atmos®

Los Angeles – October 20, 2014 – CineCert LLC, a leading developer of D-Cinema technology, has announced that its digital cinema and IMF mastering solutions, Wailua and Anini, have been certified by Dolby Laboratories for creating Dolby Atmos DCPs.

“CineCert is committed to supporting the latest technologies that are transforming our industry and Dolby Atmos is certainly doing that”, explains John Hurst, co-founder and CTO of CineCert. “We are proud to support this object-based audio format in order to ensure the creation of SMPTE DCPs that meet quality standards for duplication and deliver an immersive listening experience in cinemas equipped with Dolby Atmos.”

“CineCert’s certification represents another major milestone that highlights Dolby’s continued effort to enhance the cinema-going experience with Dolby Atmos sound,” said Doug Darrow, Senior Vice President, Dolby Laboratories. “As the inventors of the only object-based audio format used in the cinema today, Dolby appreciates CineCert’s determination to move the cinema industry into the future.”

Wailua provides an enterprise-class DCP and IMF mastering solution, supporting advanced workflow methodologies for mastering operations. Automated object creation, asset management and precisely customized metadata are easily supported. The addition of object-based audio technology support to Wailua’s comprehensive capabilities make this tool a workhorse for top-tier distributors and digital cinema distribution service providers.

To augment Wailua, CineCert recently introduced Anini, an SOA based workflow management solution for automated and centralized mastering of DCPs and IMF mezzanine files.  Anini features image transformation, compression, wrapping, composition, packaging and testing modules and other capabilities. Anini’s API includes all the functionalities available from Wailua, including Dolby Atmos support.

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