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Latest Version

Download version 2.10.31
SHA256 (asdcplib-2.10.31.tar.gz) = 71623e8fc57ead6557f1df80ca374fef7e6f92a61b6f8a330d09f9fbeb96eb9b

change log (2018-10-15 – 2.10.31):

  • NOTE: Use of MXFGCGenericEssenceMultipleMappings in AS-02 files is not defined by standards and will soon be withdrawn from this library. If you would like to experience this change now, define the macro ASDCP_GCMULTI_PATCH
  • Removed PIMD support (unused prototype)
  • Returned the DataEssenceCoding UL version byte to “5″ in Atmos files
  • Fixed ColorPrimaries_ACES UL version byte
  • Added “FSKSync” audio channel label to the MCA label generator
  • SMPTE RDD 45 requires a minimum BER encoding length of five (5) bytes for Content Element packets. The Write_EKLV_Packet() API has been modified to allow the specification of this value. All existing wrapping modules have been changed to conform to the new API, and all continue to use four (4) as the minimum BER encoding length. Write_EKLV_Packet() will continue to generate BER encodings with a length greater than the specified minimum for payloads that are larger than values encoded using the specified minimum.

Previous Versions

Download version 2.9.30
SHA256SUM (asdcplib-2.9.30.tar.gz) = e3cb1211738587d98b031247842ed2ae037cfa019c841e76ac1e82478b9170cf

change log:

  • Fixes wrong MajorVersion in Preface
  • Adds VideoLineMap also to RGBA essence descriptor
  • Adds VideoLineMap to RGBA and CDCI descriptor only when option -l
    is present (disputable – but distinguished value {0, 0} is not
    allowed in closed and complete partitions)
  • Fixes issue with IndexRate not set in AS-02 J2K files
  • Additional fixes to minor version number in AS-02 partition packs
  • CMake brought up to date
  • Fixed erroneous WAV RF64 header interpretation
  • ACES AS-02 ST 2065-5 wrapper
  • ACES AS-02 ST 2065-5 unwrapper
  • ST 2067-50 Subdescriptors support
  • ST 2067-50 Target Frame wrapping support
  • ST 2067-50 Target Frame unwrapping support
  • Command line tools as-02-wrap, as-02-unwrap and as-02-info extended to
    support ACES, App#5 subdescriptors and Target Frames
  • Beta support for ST2065-5 AS_02 ACES wrapping and unwrapping including
    ST 2067-50 Subdescriptors and Target Frame support
  • Please report ACES-related issues to


Download version 2.8.29 (development version)
SHA256SUM (asdcplib-2.8.29.tar.gz) = a125aed2ce4fc2604fe1b6c9e9e83701ccf964840a333a3b99cd8f77fb2d13fc

This is NOT a “stable” release. It contains substantive changes which may be
subject to immediate revision. It is planned to make another release this month
(August 2018) to address any immediate issues that arise. If you have submitted
patches in the past and want to follow up, please inspect this release, and if
your issue was not addressed, please re-submit as a diff against this release


change log:

  • Modified AS_02::ST2052_TextParser::OpenRead signature
  • Fixed partition version error in AS-02 interior body partitions
  • Changed StartTimecode to 0 (zero) in the Source Package
  • Remove use of BN_init in OpenSSL API
  • XML parser now works correctly with Xerces-c 3.x
  • Improved MCA sound field expression parser
  • Added support for IMF Numbered Source Channel labels in MCA
  • Added CLI switches for MCAAudioContentKind and MCAAudioElementKind
  • Re-assigned asdcp-wrap option ‘-g’ to ‘-x’, added new option ‘-g’
  • Added TLM marker check to j2c-test
  • Added to kmrandgen options ‘-C’, ‘-w’, ‘-W’
  • Added support for SMPTE RDD 47 “ISXD Track File”
  • Added generic support for SMPTE RP 2057 “Text-Based Metadata Carriage in MXF”
  • Re-factored AS-02 frame-wrap index write to use a common implementation
  • Re-factored support for SMPTE ST 410 to use a common implementation (affects AS-DCP and AS-02 timed-text MXF (SMPTE 429-5)
  • Patched several ambiguous integer casts.
  • Added new essence type identifiers ESS_AS02_ISXD and ESS_AS02_ACES
  • Fixed a bug wherein the Generic Container data track clip was instead being written as a DM track
  • Fixed UL values DCDataDescriptor and ContainerConstraintSubDescriptor to have a byte 6 value of 0×53 (Tag Set) instead of 0×07 (coding sentinel)
  • Added UL values 468 – 511 to the dictionary (including added ACES UL values)
  • Added ApplicationSchemes and ConformsToSpecifications to the Preface set
  • Added default initializer to MXF::LineMapPair
  • Added sets DescriptiveFramework, DescriptiveObject, TextBasedDMFramework, TextBasedObject, GenericStreamTextBasedSet and ISXDDataEssenceDescriptor, ACESPictureSubDescriptor, TargetFrameSubDescriptor
  • Added ISXD support, options ‘-c’, ‘-g’, ‘-G’, ‘-v’, ‘-q’, ‘-u’ to as-02-wrap
  • Added ISXD support and option ‘-g’ to as-02-unwrap
  • Cleaned up definition of UL WaveAudioDescriptor_PeakEnvelopeData (currently unused)
  • Moved ReferenceAudioAlignmentLevel from WaveAudioDescriptor to GenericSoundEssenceDescriptor

Download version 2.7.19
MD5 (asdcplib-2.7.19.tar.gz) = f9290440d1645cc834cfb9fb5a337348

change log:
2016-12-10 – MDD bug fix 2.7.19

  • The previous version (2.7.18) contained incorrect MDD.cpp and MDD.h files which affect the PIMF and JP2KEssenceCompression labels.

Download version 2.7.18
MD5 (asdcplib-2.7.18.tar.gz) = 6180176e13dc0241437f8b2630433766

change log:
2016-12-10 – bug fixes 2.7.18

  • Fixed *all* Partiton version numbers in AS-02 files (the previous attempt only affected the header partition)
  • Improved IMSC-1 profile detection. May not yet be perfect, experimentation encouraged!
  • Added IMF App2e UL values and new MXF data types ColorPrimary and ThreeColorPrimaries (contributed by Schleich)
  • Added picture descriptor elements MasteringDisplayPrimaries, MasteringDisplayWhitePointChromaticity, MasteringDisplayMaximumLuminance, and MasteringDisplayMinimumLuminance
  • Added -o and -O options to as-02-wrap
  • Fixed as-02-wrap option -p when making 4:4:4 files
  • Simplified as-02-wrap syntax description

Download version 2.6.17
MD5 (asdcplib-2.6.17.tar.gz) = 4a3cf9710aa924860f93c87b3148f44a

change log:
2016-12-01 – bug fixes 2.6.17

  • Fixed Partiton and Preface version numbers in AS-02 files
  • Replaced WIN32 directory scanner with dirent_win.h
  • The NamespaceURI property of AS-02 timed text files has been exposed in the API
    and via as-02-wrap -P. This behavior replaces previous bad behavior, but puts
    responsibility for selecting the correct value on the operator.
  • Exposed CreatePNGNameId and CreateFontNameId subroutines in AS_02::TimedText
  • Adjusted UUID generation based on PNG and font names to exclude paths by
    inserting a call to PathBasename at each Id generation site
  • Fixed AS-02 timed text index partition
  • Fixed contents of generic partiton EssenceContainers property in AS-DCP timed
    text files
  • Added PixelLayout to RGBAEssenceDescriptor (contributed by Schleich)
  • Cleared up MXFGCP1FrameWrappedPictureElement / MXFGCP1FrameWrappedPictureElement
    ambiguity. PHDR continues to use MXFGCP1FrameWrappedPictureElement.
    MXFGCI1FrameWrappedPictureElement is supported for interlace.
  • Added support for 192, 200 and 240 fps images, includes 96, 100 and 120 fpe stereo
  • Added missing MCA properties to MCALabelSubDescriptor (contributed by Ruppel)
  • New MXF data type: LineMapPair
  • Added default 0,0 VideoLineMap value when wrapping CDCI with as-02-wrap
  • Added VideoLineMap property to GenericPictureEssenceDescriptor
  • Added timed text unwrap support to as-02-unwrap (contributed by Ruppel)
  • Added prototype PIDM dynamic metadata wrapping, config with –enable-phdr
    (Not for production use, caveat emptor, not the droids, etc.)

Download version 2.5.14
MD5 (asdcplib-2.5.14.tar.gz) = f84a4b30c6e8aca234e8327c99e6f512

change log:
2016-05-06 – bug fixes, 2.5.14

  • Release 2.5.12 caused two problems with Atoms and DTS-X wrapping that are
    addressed by this release. The UL values that were changed to correct the
    DCData (ST 429-14) implementation had two unintended side-effects:
    1. v2.5.12 cannot read old DCData (and thus DTS-X) track files
    2. v2.5.12 creates broken Atmos track files (incorrect ULs)
  • The fix for this involved the following changes:
    1. ASDCP::DCData::(MXFReader|MXFWriter) are no longer base classes of
    2. New UL values have been added to carry the original Atoms UL values:
      1. DolbyAtmosDCDataWrappingFrame
      2. DolbyAtmosDCDataEssence
      3. DolbyAtmosDCDataDescriptor
    3. ASDCP::ATMOS::(MXFReader|MXFWriter) have been modified to use the
      DolbyAtmosDCData* UL values.
    4. ASDCP::DCData::MXFReader will parse files having either DCData* or
      DolbyAtmosDCData* UL values.
    5. ASDCP::DCData:: MXFWriter continues to use DCData* UL values from ST
  • Some optional parameters of the MXF metadata packs were being erroneously
    initialized with a value of zero (0), such as GenericPictureEssenceDescriptor
    ::SignalStandard, GenericPictureEssenceDescriptor::SampledXOffset(0), etc.
  • Added higher edit rates (96, 100, 120) to the cinema TimedText_Parser
  • Defined bool ASDCP::UL::operator<(const UL& rhs) const, which is needed to
    carry out the version-insensitive lookup policy when searching for ULs in a
    std::map<> of UL entries.
  • New files: src/ src/CMakeLists.txt
  • Removed filess: AS_DCP_DCData_internal.h

Download version 1.12.60
MD5 digest value: = 3bb2754744a629813e4db816e081e114

change log:

2015-02-23 – Enhancements, 1.12.60

  • Fixed ST 429-5 wrapping to increase header space when ancillary resources are present (fixes a bug that cause the header to overflow the allotted space when large numbers of PNG files were present.)

Older Version 2

Download version 2.5.12
MD5 digest value: = 64d6851d8e5f5fa2f40bc6a773ed8c7a
change log:

2016-03-17 – bug fixes, 2.5.12

  • Changed default UNIX file permissions to “666″
  • Changed default UNIX file permissions to “777″
  • Added missing initializer for caltime::offset
  • Fixed UL values for Aux Data files (per ST 429-14)
  • Added support for default TTML fonts (ST2052_TextParser)
  • Added Solaris patch to KM_fileio (Thanks Mikey!)
  • Fixed the version byte in UL DataEssenceCoding
  • Fixed duplicate linkage error for symbol MIME2str
  • Big patch from Wolfgang Ruppel:
    • Corrected erroneous fixed-tag values in ActiveHeight, ActiveWidth, ActiveXOffset, ActiveYOffset UL definitions.
    • Provided a stub implementation for Kumu::DirScannerEx (A real implementation will follow soon.)
    • Added as-02-info program
    • Added Seek() method to PCM parsers
    • Added CMakeLists.txt

Download version 2.5.11
MD5 digest value: = df550ba6d1c802ce51f5401ad756b590

change log:

2015-11-10 – bug fixes, IMF text, pink noise 2.5.11

  • I moved personal dev environment from older gcc to newer clang. Many
    small changes were made to satisfy the new compiler

    • Altered many printf format codes to use the correct format for the
      given integer type.
    • Parenthesized some expressions to clarify previously ambiguous
      expectation about precedence.
    • Created macro KM_MACOSX for use in OS-specific code selection.
    • Removed last uses of the old C-language abs(), now using Kumu::xabs().
    • Removed last uses of the old C-language atoi(), not using strtol().
  • Added platform-independent call Kumu::GetExecutablePath() (to be tested
    on win32).
  • Added new capabilities to Result_t.
  • Added imlementation of SMPTE ST 2092-1 pink noise generator.
  • Added pinkwave CLI utility.
  • Added font support to the IMF timed-text wrapper.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Array properties to be written without
    the (count, length) header (from PAL).
  • General review of Batch/Array distinction throughout the project.
  • Cleaned up definitions of optional properties in all MXF metadata packs.
  • Fixed Win32 build (from Crowe).
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect failure when parsing JPEG 2000
    codestreams having fewer than five decomposition levels. (from Korneder).
  • Fixed missing UUID generation in some instances of the MCALinkID property.
  • Added -w option to asdcp-wrap to support use of WTF label with MCA.
  • Altered asdcp-wrap to recognize “-C <UL>” when MCA is being used.
  • Fixed broken -A / option in as-02-wrap and phdr-wrap.
  • asdcp-wrap and as-02-wrap now allow split channel groups in MCA labels.

Please note that versions below this note are development versions, and are listed here for archival purposes

Download version 2.4.10
MD5 digest value: = 3895895ae78039dbeae84c44747e020e

2015-02-23 – bug fixes, 2.4.10

  • Fixed a new bug introduced by the fix to large numbers of subtitle ancillary resources.
  • Added support for generic Aux Data (ST 429-14) to asdcp-wrap.


A set of files has been prepared to demonstrate the Timed Text features.

Download example Timed Text files
MD5 digest value: = ed5267427940f37f8fe07c0fcc6e4a95

Download version 2.4.9
MD5 digest value: = 18160afcd214c844a38cd8eeafefbae9

2015-02-19 – PHDR feature, bug fixes, 2.4.9

  • Modified PCMParser and PCMParserList to return partial frame buffers at the end of a WAV input file. This was needed to allow wrapping all samples into an AS-02 audio file (which is clip-wrapped) in the case where the input file has an odd number of samples with respect to the frame buffer size being used. If there is more than one input file the length of the last buffer will be determined by PCMParserList to be the shortest of the input files. Prior to this change, partial samples in an input WAV file have been abandoned (i.e., not written out to the MXF file). As a result, AS-DCP applications will have to decide whether to abandon the partial last frame (usually detected by testing frame_buffer.Size() != frame_buffer.Capacity()) or write it to the MXF file. Programs written to the old API will write the partial frame (i.e., new behavior.) This should not be harmful since the remainder of the buffer is zeroed and the output file will contain one additional edit unit compared to the previous version.
  • asdcp-wrap has been modified to test for the partial buffer and by default will complain and abandon the buffer (i.e., same behavior but with a warning message.) A new command line switch (-g) alters this behavior and writes the buffer to the MXF file (it still warns the user that this condition is present.)
  • as-02-wrap now wraps all samples from the input file to the MXF file. There is no padding, the clip is exactly the set of samples from the input.
  • as-02 unwrap is temporarily restricted to creating wav files that are aligned with the frame buffer size. This means that the output file will be longer than the original WAV input in the case where the input file has an odd number of samples with respect to the frame buffer size being used. The pad samples are zero (silence).
  • Modified CalcFramesFromDurationInSamples() to increment the count by one for the case where the input file has an odd number of samples with respect to the frame buffer size being used (previously it truncated the odd samples.)
  • Fixed ST 429-5 / ST 2067-5 wrapping to increase header space when ancillary resources are present (fixes a bug that caused the header to overflow the allotted space when large numbers of PNG files were present.)
  • Refactored GetXMLDocType() to use the XML parser.
  • Added ParseFirstFromString() method to Kumu::XMLElement
  • Removed Kumu::StringIsXML from the API.
  • Added ASDCP::MXF::RGBALayout type.
  • Added J2CLayout property to JPEG2000PictureSubDescriptor
  • Changed km_token_split() to retain empty elements in the output list.
  • Added PHDR wrapping for AS-02.
  • Added J2CLayout property to the JPEG2000PictureSubDescriptor. This support is preliminary: the Raw data type is being used instead of RGBALayout type, which will be in the next release.

Download version 2.2.7
MD5 digest value: = 2110f447d1cbbd3afe628d27b3e8162a

change log:

2014-10-01 – IMF fixes and enhancements, 2.2.7

  • Set streamID byte of the PHDRImageMetadataItem UL to zero to meet canonical expectations.
  • Added some verbosity to as-02-unwrap.
  • Fixed partitioning off-by-one in h__AS02WriterFrame::WriteEKLVPacket().

Download version 2.2.6
MD5 digest value: = 8f75459d35e341f4e99405080347465e

change log:

2014-10-01 – Bug fixes and enhancements, 2.2.6

  • Fixed erroneous 377-4 MCA identifier in AS_DCP_PCM dump routine.
  • Fixed erroneous byte 13 in WaveAudioDescriptor_ReferenceAudioAlignmentLevel label.
  • Added missing implementation of -W option to as-02.unwrap.
  • Fixed erroneous use of d-cinema ChannelAssignment label in as-02-wrap.

Download version 2.2.5
MD5 digest value: = b7527710622cfc873232871c44b020d8

change log:

2014-10-01 – Bug fixes and enhancements, 2.2.5

  • Finished AS-02 text wrap/unwrap.
  • Fixed fractional seconds parsing for Timestamp objects.
  • Updated KLVPacket to use 64-bit length; allows huge packets in AS-02 PCM files.
  • Cleaned up use of atoi() in the library,

Download version 2.1.4
MD5 digest value: = 46b42ef8a965cae15d118465c5581802

change log:

2014-07-09 – Additional IMF/AS-02 support, bug fixes and enhancements, 2.1.4

  • Added IMF App 2 edit rates in AS_02 namespace: EditRate_29_97, EditRate_59_94.
  • Revised AEC CBC context objects to copy the key rather than keep the reference passed in to it.
  • Addressed a bug that would allow unimpeded iteration of component values in a JP2K::PictureDescriptor object.
  • Addressed a bug that was incorrectly recording the sequence Duration in MXF Track objects.
  • Added ASDCP::AtmosSyncChannelMixer::AppendSilenceChannels()
  • Added a QCD decoder to the j2c parser.
  • Altered ASDCP::KLVPacket::HasUL() to use version-blind matching.
  • Fixed an uninitialized variable in MemIOReader::ReadString() that caused unbounded reads.
  • Fixed broken ByteString::ArchiveLength() method
  • Fixed broken version numbers on SoundfieldGroupLinkID and GroupOfSoundfieldGroupsLinkID UL values.
  • Added DBOXMotionCodePrimaryStream and DBOXMotionCodeSecondaryStream UL values to the internal dictionary.
  • Added optional prefix handling to MCA label generator.
  • Re-factored MCA label generator to include additional metadata (Thanks to Mike Radford).
  • Added new options to as-02-wrap.

Download version 2.1.1
MD5 digest value: = 5c01dcec53db2a17e9bb94f64ac24dde

change log:

2014-01-06 – Additional IMF/AS-02 support, bug fixes 2.1.1

  • Fixed missing-index-partition bugs for AS-02 files.
  • Moved LocalFilenameResolver into the AS_DCP public API so that it can be used by other modules including AS-02.
  • Did further refactoring of AS-02 Writer classes to separate CBR and VBR indexing implementations.
  • Fixed wave wrapping UL in clip-wrapped AS-02 files. Renamed some UL constants to reflect “clip” or “frame” wrapping.
  • Re-factored JP2K_PDesc_to_MD() and MD_to_JP2K_PDesc() to work with GenericPictureEssenceDescriptor objects.
  • Fixed a bug that was suppressing PictureComponentSizing, CodingStyleDefault and QuantizationDefault when writing the essence descriptor in a JP2K file (AS-DCP and AS-02).
  • Fixed the version byte on the following UL values:
  • StereoscopicPictureSubDescriptor
  • GenericPictureEssenceDescriptor_ColorPrimaries
  • GenericPictureEssenceDescriptor_ActiveHeight
  • GenericPictureEssenceDescriptor_ActiveWidth
  • GenericPictureEssenceDescriptor_ActiveXOffset
  • GenericPictureEssenceDescriptor_ActiveYOffset
  • Added some essence descriptor options to as-02-wrap.
  • Changed bit rate display in asdcp-info from mebi-bits/s to mega-bits/s.
  • Added “SMPTE” / “Interop” format type display to asdcp-info.
  • Improved integration of ST 377-4 MCA concepts with ST 429-2 static labels.
  • Modified asdcp-wrap to assume -L when wrapping timed-text (since there is no MXF text wrapping for Interop.)
  • Added new EssenceType_t values for IMF/AS-02 track files.
  • Added detection for AS-02 track files to ASDCP::EssenceType()
  • Changed lots of “const char*” to “const std::string&” in the APIs defined by KM_fileio.h and AS_DCP.h.
  • Fixed VBR Delta Segment entries to correctly flag progressive material.
  • Fixed PCM unwrapping bugs in as-02-unwrap.
  • Fixed missing return statement in ArchivableString::ArchiveLength (thanks to both Kristof Provost and Franck Chopin)
  • Fixed broken sample alignment in RF64Writer (thanks to Wolfgang Woehl and Dolby)
  • Fixed win32 build (thanks to Dolby)
  • Fixed a bug that caused blackwave to only produce 96kHz WAV files. (thanks to Stephane W)


Older version 1

Download version 1.12.58
MD5 digest value: = 95f3aa8712a7590fccff60f026659dbe

change log:
2014-01-06 – Enhancements, 1.12.58

  • Changed bit rate display in asdcp-info from mebi-bits/s to mega-bits/s.
  • Added “SMPTE” / “Interop” format type display to asdcp-info.
  • Modified asdcp-wrap to assume -L when wrapping timed-text (since there is no MXF text wrapping for Interop.)
  • Added support for MCA labels to asdcp-wrap (-C option).
  • Added COD decoding to the jp2k parser.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ancilliary resources that are referenced multiple times in a Timed Text track file to be added to the file multiple times as unique resources, once per reference.
  • Fixed a bug that caused blackwave to only produce 96kHz WAV files. (thanks to Stephane W)

Download version 1.12.51

MD5 digest value: = 2c2c2645f60269d0a01dbbd4d2f90934

change log:
2013-07-11 – Bug fixes, 1.12.51

  • Fixed broken sample alignment in RF64Writer for real this time.

Download version 1.12.50
MD5 digest value: = 20a731fb55d375f734b3c8837f414bfa

change log:
2013-07-01 – Bug fixes, 1.12.50

  •  Fixed missing return statement in ArchivableString::ArchiveLength
    (thanks to both Kristof Provost and Franck Chopin)
  • Fixed broken sample alignment in RF64Writer (thanks to Dolby)
  • Fixed win32 build (thanks to Dolby)

Download version 1.11.49
MD5 digest value: = 474cd60d74c791f4f0746ebf8e7ff3b0

change log:
2013-04-12 – Dolby Atmos support and more audio labels, v1.11.49

  • Significant code contribution from Dolby Laboratories to add
    support for generic data track files as proposed in ST 21DC
    and also Dolby Atmos track file support as a specialization.
  • Added Dolby-contributed code to support generating the external
    sync signal for d-cinema as proposed in ST 21DC.
  • Added Dolby-contributed code to support RF64 WAVE files.
  • Fixed UL error in ST 429-5 DM encoding (contributed by Dolby).
  • Added ULs for ST 428-12 and Amd. 429-2 2013. Please check!

Download version 1.10.48

MD5 digest value: = 0f4c001eb20ef93b84f2908436dcdde5

change log:
2013-02-20 – bug fixes, enhancements 1.10.48

  • Refactored internals of the AS-DCP file readers. While no changes in behavior are intended, users are cautioned to test thouroughly before use in production.
  • Fixed a bug in ReadAncillaryResource that was causing bogus HMAC failures when reading resources from a file.
  • Fixed premature-release bug in the Expat version of the XML parser. Thanks to Carsten Feldheim (IIS) for the tip.
  • Fixed -W option in asdcp-unwrap. Thanks to RGB.
  • Added P-HFR support to asdcp-wrap (see URL for details:
  • Added support for SMPTE ST 428-21 “Archival Frame Rates”.
  • Added -P option to asdcp-wrap (inserts arbitrary UL into the PictureEssenceCoding property when wrapping JP2K files.)
  • Added support for 96 kHz files to blackwave.
  • Added new path and string manglers to Kumu.
  • Updated MCA ULs (I warned you…). Again please take some time to proof this work against ST 477-4 including the latest drafts of the registries.
    • Changed the version byte (8 0f 16) to 0x0e:
    • Changed bytes 8 and 13 of SoundfieldGroupLinkID
    • Added items to the UL dictionary:
  • Added missing zero-initializers to time values when parsing a timestamp string (in the case where the optional [Thh:mm.[:ss]] syntax is not present in an encoded string).

change log:
2012-03-06 – bug fixes, enhancements 1.9.45

  • Removed ASDCP::Timestamp, all items that were of that class are now of class Kumu::Timestamp
  • Refactored Kumu::Timestamp to use KM_tai for internal representation (replaced public Y M D, h, m, s variables)
  • Refactored Kumu::Timestamp to use KM_tai for WIN32 builds
  • Added UTC offset awareness to Kumu::Timestamp
  • Replaced “long GetSecondsSinceEpoch(void) const” with “ui64_t GetCTime() const”
  • Corrected UL version segment in “7.1 DS” and “WTF” audio format labels (corresponds with publication of ST 429-2:2011).
  • Exposed MXF object interface (MXF.h, Metadata.h) via ASDCP MXFReader and MXFWriter classes.
  • Added UL values from ST 377-4:2012. >>>>NOTE: These are preliminary values, subject to change upon final publication of not only ST 377-4 but also the relevant registries. This is a good time to compare them to the standard and complain if you think they are wrong!
  • Added MCALabelSubDescriptor, AudioChannelLabelSubDescriptor, SoundfieldGroupLabelSubDescriptor, and GroupOfSoundfieldGroupsLabelSubDescriptor (from ST 377-4:2012) to Metadata.h
  • Changed some internals to make MXFWriter::OPAtomHeader() work correctly.
  • Split asdcp-test into several different programs to help relieve the impenetrable-list-of-arguments problem. asdcp-wrap, asdcp-unwrap and asdcp-info take the place of asdcp-test’s -c, -x and -i options, respectively. asdcp-util contains the remaining functions. Note that asdcp-test is now DEPRECATED, new functionality and bug fixes will be aimed at the new tools. Also note that some options and calling conventions are different for the new tools as compared to asdcp-test. Please read the synopses and make sure you understand the new idioms.
  • asdcp-wrap has a new argument, -C <UL>, that writes the given UL to the ChannelAssignment item in the WaveAudioDescriptor (only useful when writing PCM essence).

Download version 1.8.44
MD5 digest value: = 493f9d3656b76eff973ade07cb2b74c7

change log:
2011-11-30 – bug fixes v1.8.44

  • Corrected a wrong decryption UL selection when unwrapping MXF.
  • Corrected broken Essence UL matching. (fixed in v1.8.43)
  • Added missing HFR support for PCM essence reader/writer. (fixed in v1.8.42)

Download version 1.8.41
MD5 digest value: = 028158c06299dccbc9b83ad4e9d56b58

2011-08-30 – bug fixes, enhancements v1.8.41

  • UL version byte now ignored when comparing UL values.
  • Changed the version byte in the TimedTextEssence UL to 0×01. There is no published Essence Keys registry so it can’t have a maintained version number.
  • JP2K Sequence Parser modified to skip directory entries that are not files in the case where the parser is initialized with a directory path. When initialized with a list of file names this check is not performed. Based on a hint by Steve Quartly.
  • Increased the size of the MPEG header parser buffer.
  • Added missing FrameType() implementation to ASDCP::MPEG2::MXFReader.
  • Added missing Close() implementations to MXF reader classes.
  • Added missing Timestamp::Timestamp(const char* datestr) implementation. (Thanks to Matt Sheby for this and the previous three items.)
  • Fixed error in Kumu::FortunaRNG::FillRandom() that was returning the end of the random buffer instead of the front (Mike Radford).
  • Added support for proposed sound channel format identifiers ’7.1DS’ and ‘WTF’. Optimistically chose version ’0x0c’.
  • Added support for stereoscopic images in JP2K files at edit rates of 48, 50 and 60 eups (96, 100 and 120 fps).

Download version 1.7.40
MD5 digest value: = f6dd480b95fdefc9251a68c0df991e16

change log:
2010.11.15 – bug fixes, enhancements v1.7.40

  • Fixed bug in long KLV packet support (Thanks to Jim R.)
  • Fixed AvgBps in PCM files, *again*. Sorry for the crazy.
  • More fixes and changes in support of 25, 30, 50, 60 fps. (Thanks to Hans K. for the TC rate bug).
  • Updated KLVFill UL version element to 0×02.
  • Type change to support Xerces-C 3.x. (Thanks to Matt S.)
  • Some internal API changes to KLV types. Does not affect operation.
  • Added NetworkLocator type to MXF metadata types.
  • Added file offset display to klvwalk.

Download version 1.6.37
MD5 digest value: = 22fc511fe7ec98c0d76292ee674ba4d8

change log:
2010.07.20 – bug fix, v1.6.37

  • Fixed TimedTextResourceSubDescriptor UL value.

Download version 1.6.36
MD5 digest value: = 73d9b3ce11bdd6da146eee607eb1adfa

change log:
2010.06.15 – bug fixes, enhancements, v1.6.36

  • Added support for new Edit Rates to asdcp-test.cpp.
  • Expanded timed-text file reader in asdcp-test.cpp.
  • Fixed large BER value encoding (plaintext) and decoding (plaintext and ciphertext). This feature was introduced in v1.5.31).
  • Fixed AvgBps value for multi-channel Wave input.

Download version 1.6.34
MD5 digest value: = 539e8fcebd0abb8795ee40fdc73411f8

change log:
2010.05.13 – bug fixes, enhancements, v1.6.34

  • ST 429-5 files have corrected ULs for DCTimedTextDescriptor and GenericStream DataElement. Files made with previous versions of the library are incompatible with this and future versions.
  • Fixed File Package TrackNumber values. Thanks to Sankar.
  • Added edit rate constants to AS_DCP.h (25, 30, 50, 60).
  • Changed AudioDescriptor “SampleRate” element name to “EditRate” to make it consistent with the other types.
  • Now builds with XercesC 3.x.
  • KM_memio.h has better const behavior.
  • Fixed a bug in KM_memio.h string archiving.

Download version 1.5.32
MD5 digest value: = 5e68c15c56e9483edeca1cf08767d3ef

change log:
2010.01.05 – bug fixes and enhancements, v1.5.32

  • Re-fixed swapped Interop and SMPTE OP Atom UL values. The swap introduced in v1.5.31 was done in error.
  • Added -z,-Z options to asdcp-test (j2c parameter checking)
  • Reformed jp2k-test as j2c-test, added help and list processing, added to standard install target.

Version 1.5.31. (not available for download)
Note: This version should not be used.

change log:
2009.12.31 – bug fixes and enhancements, v1.5.31

  • Fixed swapped Interop and SMPTE OP Atom UL values.
  • Added get_BER_length_for_value() subroutine.
  • Modified ASDCP::h__Writer::WriteEKLVPacket() to allow larger BER lengths for KLV packets larger than 16 MB. This was required to support large font files in the SMPTE 429-5 implementation.

Download version 1.5.29
MD5 digest value: = 3f827278b203c81521e0c7c8a0858805

change log:
2009.11.06 – bug fixes and enhancements, v1.5.29

  • Fixed a bug that could cause HMAC values to be incorrectly stored in MXF files. Files created with versions of asdcplib prior to this version may have incorrect HMAC values.
  • Improved handing of XML files for MXF wrapping.
  • Jpeg2000 codestream EditRate and SampleRate mismatches now warns instead of returning an error.
  • Improved error handling in Jpeg2000 sequence parsing routines.
  • Added two methods to Kumu::Timestamp, AddSeconds(), to add (or subtract) seconds to a time value, and GetSecondsSinceEpoch() to get the number of seconds since the unix epoch.
  • Added new option to asdcp-test, ‘-a’, to specify a UUID when creating MXF files.
  • Added support for specifying the intrinsic duration of MXF files containing timed text.
  • Added new option to wavesplit, ‘-i’, to display WAV file metadata.

Download version 1.4.24
MD5 digest value: = 2950e29e053a602b781368031993615c

change log:
2009.05.21 – bug fixes, v.1.4.24

  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect SubDescriptors UL values to be written into interop format MXF track files. Note that this involved a substantial reorganization of MXF internals. Please test thoroughly in your application before using in production. Note that this is a significant bug fix and track files created with 1.4.22 may be incompatible with other systems.

Download version 1.4.22
MD5 digest value: = be22bbc14f108e91cf76b668dd795ecc

Note that v1.4.22 contains a bug that could cause track files created with it to be incompatible with other systems. This version has been deprecated in favor of v1.4.24.

change log:
2009.04.09 – SMPTE format fixes, enhancements and bug fixes, v.1.4.22

  • asdcplib now uses GNU autotools on POSIX systems to configure and build. See “./configure” for details. Note that two options, –enable-freedist and –with-python are not enabled in the free version of asdcplib and should not be used.
  • Added build option (CONFIG_RANDOM_UUID) to enable mixed case UUID generation when environment variable KM_USE_RANDOM_UUID is defined.
  • Fixed a condition that could cause an error to occur when wrapping SMPTE format timed text track files that do not define a starting frame.
  • Updated ULs for SMPTE format track files.
  • SampleRate added to JP2K metadata
  • Support for wrapping 96kHz WAV files added.
  • Updated ULs for audio channel formats (ChannelFormat)
  • Updated font subdescriptor MIME Types for TimedText Trackfiles.
  • Changed time implementation to support dates beyond Jan 19th, 2038.
  • Xerces-C XML parser support added.
  • New build method for Windows (see win32/README.txt for details).
  • Added new functionality in Kumu to recursively create and delete files and directories, and get free disk space for a given volume path.
  • Added a method to Kumu::Timestamp, AddMinutes(), to add (or subtract) minutes to a time value.
  • Improved how Kumu::Timestamp parses timestamps with offsets.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect HMAC values to be calculated.

Download version 1.3.18 (development version)
MD5 digest value: = d619ac9c86c30b2ceaf00fe47cda81d7

change log:
2008.02.16 – SMPTE format fixes, bug fixes v.1.3.18

  • Added correct SMPTE UL for StereoscopicPictureSubDescriptor.
  • Exposed JP2K metadata parser as ParseMetadataIntoDesc().
  • Added simple stereoscopic framebuffer to support paired ReadFrame() and WriteFrame() methods (allows simpler integration with other single-buffer code).
  • Improved detection of JPEG Interop stereoscopic files.
  • Win32 build fixes (Thanks to Mike Crowe at DTS).
  • Added the WITH_MD macro to the makefile. Set this value to one to build Win32 with /MD[d] instead of /MT[d].
  • The Generic Container UL has been added to the EssenceContainers set in the header partition pack for encrypted files. It has always been there in plaintext files.

Below this point the changes are internal and should not affect you unless you use Kumu directly.

  • Major refactoring of KM_log.[h|cpp].
  • Fixed buffer re-sizing issue in Kumu::ByteString.
  • Replaced type IdentifierList with ArchivableList.
  • Added COPYING file to the release bundle.

Download version 1.2.17 (development version)
MD5 digest value: = c4e43437c8e56000d99fbb422c864262

change log:
2007.12.13 – Bug fixes v.1.2.17

  • Changed Result_t implementation to use int instead of long, which was causing trouble on some 64 bit platforms.
  • Fixed EKLV HMAC. NOTE: Breaks backward compatibility with older Interop files. To validate these files, use asdcplib-1.1.14. This should not cause too much trouble since files with broken and non-broken HMAC have been in the wild for years without issue.
  • Fixed HMAC sequence numbering in encrypted stereoscopic files.
  • Finished stereoscopic test targets in the makefile.
  • Fixed the win32 build, now expects VS2005 compiler by default, use WITH_VC6=1 top get VC6 flags.
  • Stereoscopic and Timed Text modes now have SMPTE UL values. NOTE: SMPTE 429-5 and 429-10 are not yet published. It is possible that these UL values may change before publication. Please use caution when using these features for production work.
  • Changed a bunch of symbol names in the 429-5 implementation to better match the spec.
  • Added -U option to asdcp-test to dump the UL library to stdout.
  • Fixed erroneous placement of the PictureEssenceCoding UL in JP2K files (Interop and SMPTE modes).

Download version 1.2.16 (development version)
MD5 digest value: = 959d2fd5d1c31fcfd93a9003fc93231c

KNOWN BUGS: The following issues are known to exist with this version. These bugs will be fixed in the next release (being prepared now).

  • The Win32 build is broken
  • Writing encrypted track files using LS_MXF_SMPTE causes a segfault

change log:
2007.10.22 – Timed Text, Stereoscopic Picture and Bug fixes v.1.2.16

  • Significant API changes have been made. Please read all entries in this changelog to be sure you understand the changes. Also note that some changes have been made to LS_MXF_SMPTE files that are incompatible with earlier releases (e.g., EKLV HMAC). If you are looking for a stable interop release, use v.1.1.14.
  • Fixed RFC 2104 HMAC implementation for LS_MXF_SMPTE only. The broken implementation has been maintained for Interop mode.
  • Added support for draft SMPTE 429-5 Timed Text Track File. This is still waiting for official SMPTE ULs, so do not use it for shipping products. An XML parser is needed to create a Timed Text Track File; Expat is now an optional part of the build. Make with WITH_XML_PARSER=1 to link with Expat. If you do not link with expat, you will get an error when using the TimedText:: DCSubtitleParser class. See also S429-5-cgi.cpp for an example that shows how to serve plaintext MXF file elements directly via HTTP.
  • Added support for draft SMPTE 429-10 Stereoscopic Picture Track File, including the JPEG Interop version. This is still waiting for official SMPTE ULs, so do not use it with LS_MXF_SMPTE for shipping products.
  • Refactored the following files as a side-effect of the above work: AS_DCP_JP2K.cpp AS_DCP_MPEG2.cpp AS_DCP_PCM.cpp AS_DCP_MXF.cpp AS_DCP_internal.h MXF.[h|cpp] MXFTypes.[h|cpp] Metadata.[h|cpp] h__Reader.cpp h__Writer.cpp klvwalk.cpp. WARNING: While significant effort has been extended to make sure that these changes do not affect existing stable file support, users are cautioned to test this release thouroughly.
  • Added a large set of filesystem path manglers to KM_fileio.h. See path-test.cpp for example usage. The path manglers have not yet been tested on win32 platforms (they are currently used only by the Timed Text module.
  • The PathIsFile(), PathIsDirectory() and FileSize() subroutines have been modified to accept const std::string& instead of const char*.
  • Added namespace and parsing support (Expat) to Kumu::XMLElement (currently used only for Timed Text support). Also added some new accessors.
  • Altered MXF::UTF16String to use mbtowc() and wctomb().

Download version 1.1.14
MD5 digest value: = c6a741d005256b306a9a97518f518b3c

change log:
2007.03.31 – Bug fixes v.1.1.14

  • Fixed KeyFrameOffset value in MPEG wrapping to have negative value. This is probably not yet complete for handling all types of GOPs. Please send chunks of MPEG-2 VES that you find which break this. Thanks to Doremi.
    ** no other file format changes in this release **
  • Fixed error in RIP interpretation when reading arbitrary (i.e., non-MXF) files.
  • Fixed a memory leak in ASDCP::MXF::OPAtomHeader when used in read mode. Thanks to Mahesh Bajaj for pointing out this bug and the one above.
  • Removed asserts from KM_fileio, replaced with RESULT_WRITEFAIL return value statements.
  • Added -s and -p to the makefile install target.
  • Altered ByteString behavior to use target Length() in copy operations (instead of Capacity()).
  • Added new Set() method to ByteString.
  • Fixed a bug in ByteString::Unarchive() that caused the operation to fail when the buffer was smaller than the read (i.e., when Capacity() was called).
  • Added IdentifierList class to KM_util.
  • Changed some Error() messages to Debug() in Wav.cpp
  • Revived jp2k-test.cpp and asdcp-mem-test.cpp (they both had stale #includes).

Download version 1.1.13
MD5 digest value: = b793f03ac26fb8ee46140b3883f37d5e

change log:
2007.02.15 – Bug fixes v1.1.13

  • Removed ‘VDescObj->SampleRate.Numerator = VDesc.FrameRate;’ from MPEG2_VDesc_to_MD() in AS_DCP_MPEG2.cpp, was line 76.
  • Added KM_TEST_NULL_STR_L() and KM_TEST_NULL_L() macros to KM_log.h. These versions log the location of the null value. Macros are now used in any module that includes KM_log.h.
  • MPEG2 VES with run of zero values at the head is now OK.
  • Increased VESHeaderBufSize to 16K.
  • Added makefile support for local OpenSSL in ../openssl, if present.
  • The Kumu::PathIs*() functions now return false if a null or empty string is given (used to be an assert).
  • Cleaned up the install target in the makefile.
  • Fixed SMPTE 429-6 HMAC — FIPS 186-2 implementation was laughably incorrect. Thanks to Doremi for pointing this out.
  • Removed default parameter to HMACContext::InitKey().
  • Cleaned up messages and CLI arg handling in asdcp-test.

Download version 1.1.12
MD5 digest value: 6c6fb95d3b4531b27b87bf90a87891a5

change log:
2006.11.19 – Mo better stuff v1.1.12

  • Changed read-only Result_t accessor methods to const.
  • Added Base64 (-B) option to kmrandgen.
  • Removed 16-bit alignment restriction from kmrandgen.
  • Improved WAV file extraction speed (Thanks to Jim Radford for pointing this out).
  • Added single-channel split for WAV extraction (asdcp-test -1).
  • Fixed remainder bug in h__RNG::fill_rand().

Download version 1.1.11
MD5 digest value: 02f30819c1be69cf52b2fe5510e553dc

change log:
2006.11.03 – Bug fixes v1.1.11

  • Increased index table entry list size to 5000.
  • Added length checking to TLV writer (returns error if TLV payload exceeds 64kB).
  • Fixed partition header and RIP errors related to 2-partition files (MXF Interop mode).
  • Added -t option to asdcp-test (SHA-1 digest with Base64 output on stdout).
  • Fixed Sub Descriptor reference bug (Thanks to Denis Leconte for dogged determination).
  • Added directory-of-wav detection to RawEssenceType()
  • Modified MXF::Partition::AddChildObject() to only generate a UUID if the InstanceID is unset.
  • Added ComponentMaxRef & ComponentMinRef to RGBAEssenceDescriptor. More to follow.
  • Added detection of 2K/4K jp2c, writing correct 4K metadata.

Download version 1.1.10
MD5 digest value: f1b9830a7bd60da4ad38519f7203db18

change log:
2006.10.05 – Bug fixes v1.1.10

  • Changed RM_RELEASE to RL_RELEASE in MXFTypes.h.
  • Changed the MXF writer to use RL_RELEASE (was RL_DEVELOPMENT).
  • Really fixed source reference chain.
  • Updated JP2K file package label.
  • Changed location of JPEG2000PictureSubDescriptor in the header (was erroneously before Preface).
  • Altered LS_MXF_INTEROP to produce 2-partition files.

Download version 1.1.9b
MD5 digest value: cfe4d49bcb1bc255275ba1a40db3b252

Change log:
2006.09.25 – Bug fixes v1.1.9

  • Fixed SourcePackageID value. All files will be ‘original’, i.e. SourcePackageID will be all zeros. Let me know if you want to set SourcePackageID.
  • Fixed compiler warnings on some Linux platforms
  • Fixed the build so that BUILD_DIR is no longer created as a dependency.
  • Added duration detection to the raw essence parsers. The MPEG parser uses a nasty approximation so don’t use it without paying close attention to the result.
  • Modified PCMParserList to make it more useful as a base class.
  • Fixed bugs and re-organized command-line help in asdcp-test and klvwalk.
  • Fixed two-partition file reads.
  • Fixed Win32 PRNG initialization.
  • Renamed asdcp-lf-test as kmfilegen.
  • Added kmrandgen and kmuuidgen.
  • Added string retrieval mechanism to Result_t.
  • Refactored Kumu::Identifier and its sub-classes. is a symbolic link (unix only).
  • Altered Kumu::FileWriter::OpenWrite to use file creation mode 0664 (was 0644) (unix only).
  • Added Kumu::WriteStringIntoFile() subroutine.

Older Development versions

Download version 2.0.0
MD5 digest value: = 5595cd395db53ca8010a4f75159f6a5a

change log:
2013-07-02 – IMF/AS-02 support, bug fixes 2.0.0

  • Massive refactoring of internals to allow easier implementation
    of AS-02.  Some API changes were made as well (note that
    OPAtomHeader is now OP1aHeader and RIP is no longer part of the
    OP1aHeader.)  If you are using this project as a library (and
    especially if you are keeping patches against it) PLEASE TAKE
  • Final integration of Fraunhoffer IIS code contribution.  AS-02
    files are now fully supported with some TODOs and one major
    exception: LEAD indexes are not supported by the MXF writers
    and interlace images are not yet supported.
  • Added support for MCA labels (ST 428-12) to asdcp-wrap.  Note
    that this project is still in the early stages of interop testing
    so errors are likely present and don’t expect any server to
    understand this feature.